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For the BENEFIT of your Organization, NO up-front costs are ever required.

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For the BENEFIT of your Organization: NO up-front costs.

The FUN CLUB will send you enough fundraising brochures for all of your volunteers along with extras.  You will be responsible for inserting your fundraising letter on the organization letterhead into each brochure.

Your Organization will sell annual memberships to the FUN CLUB for $20 (twenty dollars) each.

Your Organization will collect all the monies during fundraiser (checks made payable to the organization doing the fundraising).

Your Organization will collect the sales form on the back of the FUN CLUB membership brochure which lists the names, phone & email addresses of those who purchased a membership during the fundraiser. Compile all names, phone numbers and email addresses on a spreadsheet. This list will be used to send activation codes to the purchases.

Your Organization will tally the number of memberships sold and remit $10 (ten dollars) for each membership with check made payable to: Fun Times Marketing.   Your FUN CLUB rep will take care of the fulfillment for the memberships sold.


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By registering your group/organization, a) you agree that you have read and understand the terms and conditions above, and b) you certify that you are the contact person listed above you are authorized to make this agreement between the above listed organization and Fun Times Marketing. You are under No Obligation regarding this fundraiser, however, we do request that you return any unused brochures back to us if you decide not to run a campaign after receiving the brochures.





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