Business Built - One Business at a Time!

Buyers and Sellers Together!

Here’s what you get –

  • Your business will be promoted in YOUR County’s member section for as long as you wish.

You receive a coupon webpage featuring your company’s name, logo, phone, address,

and your special offer to our members including a printable coupon page and a link to your website.

  • FREE Local Benefits Rewards Cards for your employees and customers.

All Local Benefits Rewards Cards are valid for One Full Year from the date of activation.

The Local Benefits Rewards Card makes a great employee benefit.


Here’s how it works: Each participating business adds another great value to the LBR Card and also places new customers into the Local Benefits Marketplace. 

ADD VALUE to the LBR Card:

When your business signs up, you give us a special offer for our cardholders, which makes every existing Local Benefits Rewards Card more valuable. We create the coupon and email it to you for approval (see samples below). Once approved, your coupon is posted in the local members section along with a link to your company website for added exposure. All of our cardholders can then print and use the coupon as often as they wish. Your coupon offers can be changed or discontinued at any time.



Your business receives Free Local Benefits Rewards Cards ($25 Value each) when you signup.


Your business adds Customers to the Marketplace when you distribute the free Local Benefits Rewards cards to your employees, family friends or customers. These cards make excellent employee benefits as well as great sales incentives to help you close the deal.


Every Local Benefits Rewards Card distributed means potential CUSTOMERS for all of our participating businesses.




Cost: The Best Part!


Because this is a group effort, the costs are kept to a minimum where every business can afford to participate. Click here to request a rate quote. You will be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it is and you'll be glad you did.


That's it!


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By working together, everyone saves money: Consumers get a discount from the merchants and the merchants enjoy the steady flow of repeat customers while saving the dollars usually spent on advertising. And our communities grow stronger!

There is no limit to how long your business can participate. Each time you renew your term, you will receive additional Free Local Benefits Rewards cards. This guarantees that the LBR Marketplace will continue to get stronger and stronger every year!

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